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www.EBTEdge.com - EBT Edge Login

posted on Mar 4, 2011

www.EBTEdge.com is the portal for EbtEdge which provides online EBT Benefits solutions for various stakeholders including cardholders, merchants, partners and others. EBTEdge provides an online transaction access to various government related Electronic Benifits Card(EBT) information. The online portal is a one stop shop that offers services for cardholders, merchants, childcare providers, agencies and partners.

For EBT cardholders, they can easily view his/her current account balance and review his/her card transactions. . They can also get a report of their EBT card transactions too. If there is any trouble in logging into the site, EbtEdge provides a list of telephone numbers to call depending on the state where you have your EBT card.There is no hidden charges for contacting the customer center.

EBTMerchants can view EBT reports and access EBT documentation which has more resources specific to Merchants and others. Merchants can clear vouchers and they can perform all major operations through this system. Child Care Providers can also view their deposits and find out the last transactions in mini format and detail format. They can get ta report of these transactions too and access EBT documentation which has more resources specific to Child Care Providers and Others.

Agencies can access EBT services , and view their agency specific EBT reports and access EBT documentation which has more resources specific to agencies and Others. EBT Partners can clear vouchers and access EBT services and Access EBT documentation.

Website: www.ebtedge.com 
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